The Price You Pay

Ok, listen up! It’s story time!

The other day I was fulfilling my duty as the bookshop manager and I was preparing an order for the next set of stock for our bookshop! I was on the final step and I was just about to click that check out button when I noticed in small red print, the words “pay an outstanding fee before proceeding”. My first thought was “I am a child of God… I don’t have debt!” but I still had to call in and see what this was about!


After speaking with a few representatives and being passed around like a Thanksgiving turkey I decided that enough was enough and I was just going to have to PAY THE PRICE! Let it be known that I was grinding my teeth through this process…


As I pulled out my card and felt my thumb run over those familiar numbers… it happened! My ram in the bush, my sword in the side conviction, my note in hand lesson for the day!


The lady stopped me and said “Oh! It seems that we owe you a refund and you have credit with us… would you like me to deduct the bill from that and refund you the rest?” After I picked my jaw off the ground and found my way back on to the seat I said “sure, let’s do that”. I crawled away from that phone call with a conviction I wasn’t expecting to have after paying a bill…


The point is If we could all learn to pay the price that God has asked us to pay… how much more would he give back? How much more does the Lord give than what He asks?

Listen to the pressing on your heart as the Lord asks you to wake up that one hour earlier, to spend that extra ten minutes in his presence, and to read those extra few pages.

 The price you pay… is not a price when you consider how much He gives us in return.


If the Lord has been putting it on your heart to pay that price give me a call!


I want to personally help you make that next step and set you up with the books, teachings, and materials you need to mature in your calling.


My number is 858 800 2224.

In His Love and  Joy,

Dalton Beckering

Bookshop Manager
Apostolic Movement International

Phone:  +1 (858) 800 - 2224
  [email protected]

Hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday (PST/PDT)

5663 Balboa Ave #416, SAN DIEGO, CA, 92111

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