Todays Apostle Bundle (Course and Book)

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Today's Apostle Bundle

As soon as you purchase this bundle, you will be released into the Today's Apostle course and a copy of the Today's Apostle book will be shipped out to you immediately. That means you can start your lessons right away and you can expect to have your projects marked within 48 hours. 

Please note that all of the marking will be direct, led by the Holy Spirit, and will assume you have an apostolic call and you are ready for the direction, impartation, or pressure that is needed. (Marking will be done by AMI Ministers unless specified differently.)

This Bundle Includes:

1 Todays Apostle (Book)

7 individual video lectures and projects from the Today's Apostle Course

. Lesson 1: What's in You to do
. Lesson 2: Taking The Next Step. Called, Set Apart, and Commissioned
. Lesson 3: Apostolic Leadership - Dumping The Crutch
. Lesson 4: Apostolic Structure and Organization 
. Lesson 5: Jesus The Originator of Who You Are!
. Lesson 6: DNA Borne From The Process
. Lesson 7: Phases of Apostolic Evolution Once in Office

You will learn all about:

  • How to keep the fivefold ministry in harmony
  • The secret of obedience
  • How to walk out your commission
  • The signs of today's apostle
  • Apostolic leadership in the community

Direct your gaze as Apostle Colette Toach leads you through the role of the apostle, the expected responsibility to the Church, and the signs to an apostolic calling.

Other Books in the Fivefold Office Series

Chapter 01 - Take Your Place, Apostle

They're Playing Our Song
Fiveold Ministry Harmony

Chapter 02 - The Greatest "Aha"Moment of the New Testament

The Apostle: One Sent Forth With Orders
Blind and Bound

Chapter 03 - Apostolic Types and Shadows

The Pattern Maker and Builder
What's in You to do

Chapter 04 - Called, Set Apart, Comissioned

Set Apart

Chapter 05 - Loved of God

The Secret of Obedience
What's Your Obedience?

Chapter 06 - Walking Out Your Commission

#1 Acknowledging the Call to be Set Apart
#2 Receiving Instruction
#3 Accepting Responsibility
#4 Taking the Step of Obedience

Chapter 07 - Apostolic Leadership in Marriage

The Shaping Process

Chapter 08 - Apostolic Leadership in Finances

Smashing the Poverty Mentality
Your Kairos Time
Waiting on "The Right Time"
The Craziness of Debt
The Five Talents

Chapter 09 - Apostolic Leadership in the Community

Severing Ties
Our Reward
Choose Your Price
Establishing Relationships

Chapter 10 - Apostolic Leadership in Ministry

Mary or Elizabeth?
The Privilege of the Call

Chapter 11 - Jesus Calls

Apostolic Structure

Chapter 12 - First Sign of Today's Apostle

1. A Spiritual Entrepreneur

Chapter 13 - 2. A Personal Encounter With Jesus


Chapter 14 - 3. Called and Then Sent to the Wilderness


Chapter 15 - 4. Given a Pattern to Build


Chapter 16 - 5. Has a Proof of Apostleship


Chapter 17 - 6. Called to the Mountaintop Often


Chapter 18 - 7. An Apostle Works His Way up the Ranks


Chapter 19 - 8. Paid the Price of Country, Family, Friends, and Self


Chapter 20 - 9. Diversity of Workplace: All Things to All Men


Chapter 21 - 10. Creates a Place


Chapter 22 - 11. Called by Jesus - Relationship with Father

Grace vs. Authority
This is the Apostolic Call

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