The Staff of Moses (E-Book)

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Enter the Moses apostle. The most arduous of training than any other apostle, Moses has the task of leading a stiff-necked people out of Egypt into the wilderness and into the Promised Land.

His reward? A new generation of mighty warriors, walking in the pattern that he laid.

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The Staff of Moses

Enter the Moses apostle. The most arduous of training than any other apostle, Moses has the task of leading a stiff-necked people out of Egypt into the wilderness and into the Promised Land.

His reward? A new generation of mighty warriors, walking in the pattern that he laid.

As a Moses, you are going to face opposition from those closest to you, you are going to confront the religious system in YOU, and by trial and error, you will establish the precepts and receive the Ten Commandments for the next generation to come.

When the Israelites first left Egypt, they left as slaves with a slave mentality. But, by the time they entered the Promised Land, they were a generation of mighty warriors - strong, capable, and fearless.

As a Moses, you will train, you will travail long, but you will receive the greatest inheritance of all...

In this book, Apostle Colette Toach takes the Moses apostle through preparation into training, and shows you what it looks like when you are walking in the fullness of your mandate.

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Chapter 01 - Defining Moses

Definition of the Word - Mandate
1. Called From Birth
2. Sent on a Different Journey (Grew up in Pharaoh's Household)
3. A Passion to do Things Right (Although not Always in Wisdom)
4. Learning to Serve
5. Waiting on God's People to Become Ready
6. Multi-faceted Calling

Chapter 02 - The Moses Apostle

Step 1. Confronting Pharaoh
Step 2. Set the Captives Free
Step 3. To Train and Equip
Step 4. Raise up Leaders
Step 5. Receive the Pattern and the Law
Step 6. Bringing the Anointing to the People
Step 7. Dividing the Land
Ready to Leave Home?

Chapter 03 - Dealing With Pharaoh

The Pharaoh You Know
Discontentment Sets In
Wilderness Wanderings Begin
Letting Go - No Turning Back

Chapter 04 - Wilderness Wanderings

The Process Begins
Time of Growth
Changing the Pictures
The Call

Chapter 05 - The Burning Bush Experience

Confronting Pharaoh Within
Fearful Thoughts
God's Representative
Someone to Lean On
Enter... Aaron
Moses Makes the Transition
The Victor

Chapter 06 - Confronting Pharaoh

Enter... Joshua
See it
Faith Required
The Answer to People's Prayers
The Price of the Call

Chapter 07 - Climbing the Mountain

How You Receive the Mountain Call
Why You Receive the Mountain Call

Chapter 08 - Receiving The Pattern

The Progression
Change Begins With you
Qualifying for the Next Stage
Your Place

Chapter 09 - Imparting the Fire

Spread the Fire
Starting a Revival

Chapter 10 - The 7 Mountain Top Experiences

His Chosen Vessel
Reflecting His Glory
The 1st Visit: The Promise
The 2nd Visit: Making a Contract With God
The 3rd Visit: Confirmation of Your Call

Chapter 11 - 4th Visit: Your Ten Commandments

The 4th Visit: The Ten Commandments
The 5th Visit: Impartation

Chapter 12 - 6th Visit: The Tabernacle

The Full Picture
The 7th Visit: The Manifest Power of God
A Call to Climb - A Prophetic Decree

Chapter 13 - Handling a Rebellious Generation

Change Starts With You
People Are Still Stiff-Necked
Hearts Must Be Ready to Receive
1st Step: Exposing the System
2nd Step: Give Them a Vision
Offer Something Better

Chapter 14 - The Slavery Mentality

Remove the Idols

Chapter 15 - The New Generation

Signs and Wonders
Fresh Revelation

Chapter 16 - Boot Camp: How Moses is Trained

Leadership Training Begins
Intense Preparation for a Greater Ministry
Suddenly Visible
Failure Through Disobedience
Leadership Training
Learning to Let Go
The Uprising From Within
Rejection From Inner Circle
Visible Attack
Aaron's Rod

Chapter 17 - The Final Reward

God's Gift to Moses
Driving the Vision Forward
Setting the Structure in Place
Resurrection Time
Hand it Over

Chapter 18 - Birth, Maturation, Death and Resurrection

Make it Real
A Continual Process
The Birth - The Burning Bush
The Maturation: Commandments and Precepts

Chapter 19 - Handing Over to Joshua

Death: Returned to the Wilderness
Time to Hand Over
Resurrection: Taking the Promised Land
A Continual Cycle

Excerpt - Chapter 1: Defining Moses

Definition of the Word Mandate

It is time to fully realize your mandate as an apostle.

So, what is a mandate?

Romans 1:1 Paul, a bondservant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated to the gospel of God

2 which He promised before through His prophets in the Holy Scriptures,

Dictionary Definition for Mandate:

Any contract by which a person undertakes to perform services for another.

Strong's Concordance Apostle:

652 apostolos {ap-os'-tol-os}

AV - apostle 78, messenger 2, he that is sent 1; 81

1) a delegate, messenger, one sent forth with orders

1a) specifically applied to the twelve apostles of Christ

I want you to notice how much the word "sent" is repeated here.

Does it say that an apostle is one that sits at home and complains about how terrible the state of the Church is? Does it say that he is one that continues in the old pattern, even though he is so dissatisfied with it?

The apostle is one who is sent!

Apostle Paul tells us that he has been called as an apostle and set apart to be sent. He is not being sent just for the sake of being sent either. He was sent with very clear instructions.

Right now, God is raising up His apostles all over the world. He is putting a pattern, a blueprint, on their hearts for His end-times Church. Apostle of God, what will the Church look like if you do not put your piece of the pattern into place?

One person will not be able to establish this huge body of Christ alone. This is not a room set on a hill, but a city set on a hill. When are you going to fully realize your call and stand in the conviction that God has given to you?

So, let us have a good look at who Moses is.

1. Called From Birth

As we look at the life of Moses, he is one who was called from birth.

Here is the thing - he was not just "called from birth," but he was shaped from then also. We all know that we are called from our mother's womb and so forth. Yet, I want you to consider the time into which Moses was called.

He was born in a very difficult time. You would think that would have brought forth the Deliverer in a time that was a bit more convenient. This was a very inconvenient time for Moses' parents.

This was a time when Pharaoh was killing all the newborn babies. So, when Moses came along, it was not a convenient birth or a planned pregnancy. They did not sit down and say, "Let's have for us a deliverer."

It just happened, and the time in which he was born was an uncomfortable one. He was probably a difficult baby. I know I was.

There was nothing comfortable about his calling from the very time that he first took his breath. From the start, even as a newborn baby, he was different.

He did not try to be different or aim to be different. The time that he was born, and the circumstances surrounding his birth, destined him to be different.

So it is with the Moses apostle. You travail with God.

"Why, Lord, did it have to be like that?"

It is because you were meant to be different. The very circumstances that you were born into, and the difficulty that surrounded all of that, was a sign. The travail and the fact that satan tried to snatch you already from birth was a sign.

The pressure and those circumstances set you on a road that led you to this point today. Look around you. Look at your Aaron, your Miriam, and the rest of your family.

Do they stand where you do today? Why not?

It is because, from the very beginning, God had a plan. He destined you to be out of the ordinary.

2. Sent on a Different Journey (Grew up in Pharaoh's Household)

So yes, Moses was sent on a very different journey.

Acts 7:22 And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and deeds.

This does not make a lot of sense for somebody who is supposed to be the deliverer. You would think that he would have been steeped in his own culture. You would have thought that the Lord would have kept him with his own.

Instead, because of the circumstances into which he was born, his path went so differently to everyone else around him. He ended up learning the things of the world and becoming a prince of Egypt.

It seems so contradictory. When you think about going into the work of the ministry, the last thing that you imagine is that you have to gain the wisdom of the world. Yet, God had a plan.

The Lord needed Moses to think differently to all the slaves of Israel. He had to have a different mentality. So, God arranged the circumstances that, from the very beginning, before he even knew who he was, his mind was already being shaped by the hand of God.

God was using the tools of the world to shape his thinking and to snatch the way that everyone else thought out of him.

The fire and call was always there on your life. Yet, for some strange reason, God did not allow you to go to Bible school like everybody else. When you did, it added nothing to you.

You had to go somewhere else to get what you really felt that you needed. He did not allow you to follow the typical road that everybody else followed. He sent you to Egypt.

"Seriously, Lord? Egypt?"

"Great, you send me to the workplace? You call me and tell me to do marketing? You call me and send me to do all these other things that have nothing to do with You?"

Exactly! Hello, Moses. Your thinking could not be limited to a single vision, calling, and people. Moses saved a lot more than just the Israelites when he left Egypt. There was a lot more that God needed him to accomplish along this journey.

Moses did something that God has also done in you. God has stretched you between two worlds. Moses was put in a situation where he had two sets of parents.

I can imagine how difficult it must have been for him growing up. He was not an Israelite, but he was not an Egyptian. He needed so desperately the affection of a father and a mother.

Yet somehow, just by falling through the cracks and by plain circumstance, he did not get that love and affection that he needed. He was stretched and pushed. There was nothing normal about any of the steps that he took.

When the Lord takes you through those paces, you think, "Lord, why can't I just be like everyone else? Why can't I just be in business or in the Church? Why can't you just make up your mind? Where do you want me?"

"Just when I am here, you send me there. Then, when I am there, you send me here. What is up with that?"

Hello, Moses. The Lord has been shaping you with His very hand.

I am so amazed at how, when God puts a call on your life, He takes care of it. You just need to keep stepping. He is the one that shapes you, brings the circumstances, and puts you into the right home.

God is the one that puts you into the right country, job, and circle of friends to shape your mind.

Our mind is the biggest blockage. Our hearts are open before God, but how we express what is in our hearts comes through our heads. That is where we fall down.

God needed to stretch Moses. He could not think like an Egyptian, and he could not think like an Israelite. He had to have a broader view. Why? Well, let's look further along the way to see what he had to accomplish.

He could not have just a single focus. He had to focus on so many different things. Before he could even begin his journey, he had to be stretched.

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