The Ministers Handbook (E-Book)

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The Minister's Handbook

Whether you are dealing with an unexpected demon manifestation or you need to give marital counsel, you will find the answers here.

Keep this eBook close-by and you will be that man ofGod that is complete. You will be equipped, ready andprepared to do good works of every kind!

Used as a "minister's handbook", this manual ispicked up and referred to over and over again by allof the Fivefold Ministers at Apostolic MovementInternational.

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The Minister's Handbook

Your Manual on Effective Ministry

Whether you are dealing with an unexpected demon manifestation or need to give marital counsel, you will find the answers here.

Keep this book nearby, and you will be that man of God that is complete. You will be equipped, ready and prepared to do good works of every kind!

Used as a "minister's handbook", this manual is picked up and referred to over and over again by all of the fivefold ministers at Apostolic Movement International.

Now you too can take hold of the same principles that have been used to set the captives free, heal the broken-hearted, and preach the gospel to the poor.

Here is a look at just some of the topics covered:

  • How to deal with demons and demon manifestations

  • How to counsel by the Word and Spirit

  • How to minister inner healing

  • How to prepare a sermon and preach effectively

  • How to lead worship

  • The Five Golden Rules of ministry

  • The Seven purposes of the Fivefold Ministry
  • Apostle Colette Toach gives it to you in plain language. She gives you the steps 1, 2, 3 of how to do what God has called you to do. Keep a copy on hand, because you will come back to it time and time again!


    - PART 1: The Fivefold Ministry
    Chapter 1 - The Seven Purposes of the Fivefold Ministry

    - PART 2: Personal Ministry
    Chapter 2 - How to Hear God's Voice for Yourself

    Chapter 3 - Using Visions in Personal Ministry

    Chapter 4 - The Five Golden Rules

    Chapter 5 - Counseling: The Rules of Engagement

    Chapter 6 - Counseling by the Word

    Chapter 7 - Ministering by the Spirit

    Chapter 8 - The Ministry of Inner Healing

    Chapter 9 - Dealing with Demons and Deception

    Chapter 10 - Dealing with Demonic Manifestations

    - PART 3: Public Ministry
    Chapter 11 - Taking Charge of the Public Meeting

    Chapter 12 - Preparing and Presenting a Sermon

    Chapter 13 - How to Lead Worship

    Chapter 14 - Prophesying Publically

    Chapter 15 - Practical Ministry Guidelines

    Chapter 16 - A Note on Handling Rejection

    Excerpt: The Minister's Handbook

    Excerpt from: Chapter 4 - The Five Golden Rules

    Rule #4 Faith, Hope and Love

    Revelation should always be shared in faith, hope and love and when you share without tact and with all of your own ideas, you are not allowing that person to sense the heart of the Lord.

    Think about your own relationship with Jesus. When you think about the times that you have heard His voice for yourself, when was the last time He said to you, "You are a filthy rotten sinner and I want nothing to do with you?"

    The Lord Jesus has never spoken to me like that and He never will. Sure there have been times when He has corrected me through my journals or even through the Word, however each time He did, His words struck my heart. They came with such a force of love that the very love brought me to my knees.

    When you come into the presence of the Lord Jesus, you always feel His love. Even when you have failed completely and do not deserve to be used of Him, when you do go to Him, you do not feel condemnation. No, instead you feel His tenderness and His love.

    It is this love that brought you to salvation and it is this love that keeps you. It is this same agape love that will melt any heart that you minister to. When you put aside your sword of the flesh and use His love, you will find it a powerfully destructive weapon to melt the hardest heart.

    That does not mean that the Lord lets you get away with your sin and failures. When you come into His presence with your sin, He does not condemn you, but rather He says, "Yes, I know that you failed, but here, let me help you. Let me teach you how to overcome that struggle."

    He does not spend an hour outlining your every failure and why you are not worthy of His love. Consider how many times you let Him down again and again. Did He give up on you? No, He continued to run after you and to catch you.

    He continued to give you further revelations and even send people your way to speak on His behalf. Sometimes you got His message right away, other times it took a while to get it through your head. This is a failure of our flesh and our human nature.

    If you consider how many times God had to speak at times before you surrendered to Him, you will have that same patience with others as well.

    So let us have the same grace and see past the oppression, sin and failure of God's people. Let us look at them through the eyes of the Lord Jesus and see the potential there.

    When you see the potential, you will reach past all the junk on the outside. You will do something that no one else has probably done their entire lives. You will touch their hearts with the love of Jesus.

    When you can give people grace, you show them the face of Jesus Christ.

    Faith, Hope and Love

    These three words are the foundation of any ministry. It might not be very obvious to a lot of folks, but faith, hope and love blended together is the cornerstone for everything you do for the Lord.

    Every revelation or counsel you share should contain at least one of these spiritual forces. If someone leaves a time of ministry with you feeling weighed down with guilt or fear, then you can know outright that you failed your ministry objective.
    You will come to learn that fear, guilt and condemnation are not gifts from the Lord. The purpose of ministry is to bring the church to maturity.

    Apostle Paul knew this and if you read any of his epistles you will see that he used this as a yardstick for the condition of each church. To some he said, "I have heard of your faith, but you have left your first love." To another he said, "I have heard of your love."

    If you are looking for a yardstick that the Lord uses today to judge your success in ministry, you will find those same three words making up the core of it. Faith, hope and love.

    What is faith?

    Faith is based on a person.

    Once you have ministered to someone, do they leave you trusting the Lord more than they did before?

    On the other hand, did they leave having more faith in you and feeling more dependent on you?

    That is why you have to share what God has to say and not what you have to say. It is for you to point them to the Lord and to build up their faith in Him, not in you.

    They should leave knowing that the Lord is there for them and is listening to them. They should leave having faith in the one that will never let them down.

    By building this faith in each believer, you are maturing the Body of Christ. (Eph 4:11-13)

    How do You Increase Hope?

    You do that by allowing them to see a picture of the future. The Lord will often use you to bring conviction and to expose sin, but it should still bring hope!

    How is this possible? When you expose something wrong in a person, their eyes are open to a future that is free from that bondage.

    Do not be afraid to tell them the truth in love. On the other hand, do not give them such a bleak outlook on life that they want to crawl away and die.

    What kind of ministry are you giving? You should be saying, "Look, I know that you are not there right now but this is the picture that God has for you."

    They will leave with a clear picture and this produces hope.

    How do You Produce Love?

    You do this by allowing them to experience the love of the Lord. You do not produce love by bringing division and strife in the church.

    Unfortunately there are many who are guilty of this failure. I cannot tell you the number of people that have come to me and shared that they are going through a divorce because, "someone prophesied it over them."

    Since when was a prophetic word an excuse for divorce?

    This word did not bring love, but it brought strife and division. Your ministry should leave someone with a better understanding of the love of the Lord.

    How is this possible? By showing them the image of Christ through your actions and love. It is one thing to tell them about it, but it is another to walk in it.

    True love does not rejoice in unrighteousness. On the other hand, true love suffers the wrongs and labors long. It is this very balance that I am trying to build into you through each page here.

    I want you to have the courage to tell the truth. On the other hand, I want you to tell that truth in love and with wisdom so that you might win them for Jesus.

    As you look at other leaders in the church, perhaps you feel a bit insecure. Perhaps you feel that you do not have as much as they have. What is really important here? How well you do it, or the heart that you do it with?

    When your heart is to bring someone into a relationship with Jesus or to bring healing, you do not need to worry about the rest of the stuff.

    They just want to hear from God. So what if your revelation was a bit off? Did they hear from God? Did you build faith into them? Do they have hope for the future again? If so, then you have done your job well and you have pleased the heart of the Father.