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When God told Moses how to build the tabernacle, He created the first Apostolic Workshop.

God gave Moses a blueprint detailing what to build, where, what it should look like, what to look out for, and so forth. This is exactly what we have done here. The Apostle's Workshop boasts 25 digital and tangible materials. Everything you need to discover your blueprint for the apostolic. Over 20 Hours of Audio & Video + 1422 Pages of Reading

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The Apostle's Workshop

When God told Moses how to build the tabernacle, He created the first Apostolic Workshop.

God gave Moses a blueprint detailing what to build, where, what it should look like, what to look out for, and so forth. This is exactly what we have done here.

With over 25 tangible and digital materials, you will discover your blueprint to the apostolic.

Called to be an Apostle? Then Class is in Session!

Laid out clearly so you can help set the world ablaze and avoid all the pitfalls while you are at it, Apostles Craig and Colette have put together this powerful weapon in secret. This weapon is loaded, and it will be the A-Bomb that will blow the enemy to kingdom come.

So, are you ready to discover what the apostolic really looks like? Are you prepared to discover the true meaning of the word "apostle"?

Over 27 Hours of Audio & Video + 1113 Pages of Reading

The following materials will be delivered to your Inbox and mail box accordingly. With an extensive selection of in-depth training, this kit delivers:


Begin putting the pieces together immediately with the printed version of:

1. The Apostolic Handbook
A comprehensive study of what an apostle looks like, what he is called to do in the Church today and how you are meant to be fulfilling his call.

The apostle is called to a higher level of leadership.

Become equipped, not only with the anointing, but with the ability to motivate others to help you build the blueprint that God has given to you.

1. How to Get People to Follow You
There is a reason why the Lord has not allowed you to remain as you are. A higher level of excellence is required. In amongst learning to lead an apostolic team, receive the instruction you need to put that team together

2. Everything is Awesome When you are Part of the Team
Designed for apostolic teams! Once your team is in place, how do you harness all their abilities to realize your goal? You might have determination to build your pattern, but until you have activated the potential in each of your team - your vision is going fast nowhere! Moses worked with Aaron, the priests and many others to build the tabernacle. Find out what it is going to take to get your team in place and being effective!

3. The Staff of Moses
Moses is a type of the Apostle. Having been set aside in the wilderness for training, God is calling His Apostles to rise up and be counted. With a strong teaching orientation, this apostolic type is called to change the face of the Church as we know it. Do you feel the call? Are you fulfilling it?

The Apostle's Workshop LIVE on MP4!

1. The Apostolic Movement - Are You Ready?
Whether the Church is in agreement or not - a new move is upon us. The question you need to ask yourself is. "Am I ready?" Prepare yourself for what this new move entails and add your piece to the pattern that God is giving His Apostles.

2. Identifying Today's Apostle
The definitive standard on what an apostle looks like. Starting with a brief overview of the call of the apostle, this teaching takes an in depth look into the Word as to what an apostle in office looks like in today's Church.

3. The Fivefold Ministry Foundation
One of the aspects that has surprised the Church is the resurrection of the Fivefold Ministry. It is very much part of the apostle's responsibility to establish this vital aspect of God's pattern. A compelling look at what the Fivefold Ministry is, how the Lord is establishing it in the Church today, coupled with your role in it, as an apostle.

4. The Apostolic Mandate
Without a mandate, you have not even begun to fulfill your calling as an apostle. Come to terms with your call, your blueprint and when you should be implementing it. Every apostle has been given a piece of God's plan to build and establish. Together, we will usher in a move as the church has never seen. Do you have your piece from God yet? If not, then grab hold of this message to get going with your call.

5. The Rod of Aaron

Is it possible for apostles to work together? The first in a new subject of apostolic teamwork and how two apostles can work together on the same pattern. Called from slavery and into a position that very few had, this Apostolic type paid a price to experience something not many could. Are you called to be an Aaron? A builder of the tabernacle? Follow along as your journey and training is expounded on in this teaching.

15 MP3 Messages

1. Raising up a Standard
The New Move is upon us. Pick up your banner and watch your sons and daughters come from afar.

2. Standing in the Eye of the Storm
Allowing the pressures God is using to forge you into the apostle you are called to be

3. The Foundation of the Prophets and Apostles
In this new era the prophets and apostles are to work side by side. Find your place and flourish in this essential team.

4. The Pattern for the Prophets and and Apostles
A look at the role of both prophet and apostle in the Local and Universal Church. Always feeling out of place? It could be that the Lord has called you to the Church Universal.

5. Apostolic Women
The standard for women in apostolic office in today's age.

6. Spiritual Parenting Defined
What the new move of spiritual parenting looks like practically in today's Church and how you as an apostle are called to fulfill this role.

7. Spiritual Parenting Step by Step
Apostle Craig leads you by the hand on how to be an effective spiritual parent that always yields results.

8. Your Team: Mentorship and Spiritual Parenting
There are some that will be disciples and others apostolic children who will continue with your vision. Distinguish the two for an effective establishment of the vision God gave you.

9. Correction and Motivation
The essential role of correction, balanced with motivation in the spiritual parenting and discipleship relationship.

10. The Spiritual Mother
The gender specific role of spiritual mothers in the church. Their place, call and function.

11. The Spiritual Father
There is a dire need for spiritual fathers in the Church. Find your place and ride the crest of a major move that is set to revolutionize church as we know it

12. Wearing the Hats - the Mother's Role
Spiritual mother, natural mother, apostle and mentor. Dividing the lines and fulfilling the functions of each effectively.

13. The Role of the Spiritual Father
Walking past the gray areas of natural and spiritual parenting to set God's people free. Rise up as a leader, at the same time being a father that loves.

14. Fulfilling the Business Function of Ministry
Although the term "marketplace apostle" is becoming well known, this does not mean such an apostle will sidestep the rigorous training required for anyone called to apostleship. This message looks at the specific training that an apostle, called to business goes through.

15. Faith and Finances
Following on from a look at business in the church, this message will challenge what you believe regarding money in the church. As an apostle, financial training will be part of what the Holy Spirit takes you. Gain understanding and balance concerning this revolutionary subject.


The Key of David - An apostle according to God's own heart!

From the fields to the throne, the Davidic Apostle is one who rises from obscriurity to take the highest position in the church. But what price is such a leader called to pay? Only one called to this office will know of the death, warfare and finally the victory there is in being...A Davidic Apostle.

MP3 Messages:

Message 1 - The Davidic Leader
Message 2 - The Cave of Adullam
Message 3 - Dealing With Saul
Message 4 - Dealing with Ishbosheth
Message 5 - The Davidic Warrior
Message 6 - David Versus Saul
Message 7 - The Davidic King

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