Strategies of War (Book)

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Warfare is a very important part of our Christian lives. Whether we know it or not, the enemy is always looking for a way to take down the children of God. Now it is time that you learned how to stop taking the hits and take the fight to him instead.

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Strategies of War

Warfare is a very important part of our Christian lives. Whether we know it or not, the enemy is always looking for a way to take down the children of God. Now it is time that you learned how to stop taking the hits and take the fight to him instead.

With this book in your hand, not only will you learn how to take the enemy down, but you will also discover:

  • How to tear down the enemy's strongholds in your life
  • How to remove any stains of sin that are left over in your life
  • How to displace the enemy
  • The rules of engagement

No more allowing the enemy to have his way. Take back your land and remove him from your life for good.

Your victory is at hand. So, take hold and allow Apostle Colette Toach to guide and teach you the strategy to tearing down the kingdom of darkness.


Chapter 01 - The Stain of Sin - Overcoming Curses

God's Blessing is Your Inheritance
Curses vs. Spiritual Warfare
The New Testament Revolution
Your Position Versus Your Experience in Christ

Chapter 02 - List of Curses

Time to Deal With Your Sin
Works Are Dead
Walking in the Flesh Produces Sin
From Seed, to Tree, to Fruit

Chapter 03 - Three Ways Curses are Established

1. Generational Curses
2. The Leaven - Curses Through Association
3. The Stain of Sin

Chapter 04 - The Difference Between Curses and Spiritual Warfare

The Arrows - A Picture of Spiritual Warfare
The Crack in the Wall - Your Personal Sin
No Need to Fear

Chapter 05 - Step-by-Step Solutions

Dealing With Generational Curses
Dealing With Leaven
Dealing with Personal Sin
Practical Project
Quick Note on Doctrine

Chapter 06 - Tearing Down Strongholds

Offensive Warfare Begins Here
Naming the Strongholds
How You Build a "Stronghold" Foundation
Satan's Battlefield - The Mind

Chapter 07 - Removing Satan's Power

Fear - Counterfeit to Faith
Guilt - Counterfeit to Hope
Bitterness - Counterfeit to Love
Time to Engage in Warfare
Displacing Fear, Guilt and Bitterness
Practical Projects

Chapter 08 - Spiritual Warfare - The Rules of Engagement

Know Your Enemy
How Satan Gains License
Facing External Demonic Attack
Three Kinds of Warfare

Chapter 09 - The Systems of the World

The Systems of the World
Systems vs. Spirit of the World
Using the Systems to God's Advantage

Chapter 10 - Naming the Systems of the World

1. Religious System
2. Educational System
3. Financial System
4. Political System
5. Entertainment System
6. Medical System
7. Commercial System - Marketplace
A Recap of the Systems

Chapter 11 - Rules of Engagement

Open Warfare 101
The Role of the Fivefold Ministry
The Secret to Maintaining Victory

Chapter 12 - Taking the Land - Displacement Warfare

1. Spiritual Warfare
Building Strongholds of Faith, Hope and Love
2. Building New Systems
3. Displacement Warfare in the Hearts of Man

Chapter 13 - Warfare Through Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual DNA
Fivefold Ministers Come Forth

Chapter 14 - Establishing the Land

Watch Out For These Pitfalls
Three Steps for Displacement Warfare

Excerpt - Chapter 01: The Stain of Sin - Overcoming Curses

Chapter 01 - The Stain of Sin - Overcoming Curses

I would like to see a raise of hands of those that do not want to walk in the blessing of the Lord. When I say this, I know there is going to be silence. There is not one person that does not want to walk in God?s abundant grace and blessing.

When I look at the church today, I see so many striving to achieve the blessing of the Lord. They will go on fasts, pilgrimages, celebrate certain Jewish holidays, and subject their flesh to certain disciplines, all in the hope that they will obtain the favor of the Lord.

The reality is that although you know that you are saved and sanctified, you look at your experience, and it falls short. You know that you should walk in the blessing of the Lord as a believer, but you look at your life and think, "Why am I not walking in this blessing?"

The first memory that probably comes to you is of sitting at the dinner table with your mother saying to you, "No, you cannot have dessert because you did not finish your food."

So, you think, "I am not walking in the blessing of the Lord because I did not obey, perform, or do the thing that God told me to do. So now, God is withholding His blessing from me."

Then, you get into works of the flesh and you search the Scriptures to try to find excuses of why God does not want to bless you. The truth is that you are looking at other believers and they are walking in blessing, so you think, "Why am I not walking in blessing? What is wrong with me? Why am I not where God wants me to be?"

Your body gets sick, finances get stolen, loved ones die, and there is one bad thing after the next happening. Your eyes are on all of these problems trying to seek a solution. This is the only reason why you should be open to dealing with curses in your life, because curses take your eyes off God.

God's Blessing is Your Inheritance

I am cutting to the chase right now and I am making a statement here. God is not withholding His blessing from you. As a born again child of God, His blessing is your inheritance.

The storehouses of heaven belong to you. You own the key. You are ruling and reigning with Christ. So, if you are not experiencing that blessing, it is not God that is withholding it, but rather a work of the enemy that is blocking it.

By the end of this chapter, not only will you understand this blockage, but you will have the power in your hands to remove it. Curses take away our faith in God and this is why we have to deal with them.

Can we still walk in the blessing of the Lord without dealing with curses? Absolutely! You can still walk in the abundant blessing of the Lord without doing spiritual warfare because faith can move mountains.

If you have enough faith, you could skip this message completely because it would not matter if Lucifer himself is coming against you. However, when problems or curses manifest in your life, they take your eyes off Christ.

Curses take your heart off faith, and corrodes your hope and your love. Sure, we can overcome by pure will power and standing in faith. I am sure that the many times you have had success in your life, it is when you put your eyes on Christ and you overcame with faith.

Removing Your Faith Blockers

Yet, why not make it easier on yourself and get rid of the things that are a hindrance to your faith so that it is so much easier to believe God? Imagine for a moment that you have been walking in pure faith, without doing warfare, and you have been getting results.

Now, imagine that you have removed the faith blockers and the love blockers in your life, and then you exercise the same portion of faith to your circumstances. What do you think is going to happen?

You will have an explosion take place in your life. That is what this subject is about. It is about removing the hindrances to your faith. It is about taking away those things that destroy the fruit of the spirit that is in you.

We are human. When I feel sick, I am grumpy... just ask any of my family. The Lord knows I should be walking in the fruit of the spirit, but I still feel like biting your head off because you just woke me up.

I could still, by sheer willpower, walk in the spirit, but if I was not sick, it would make it so much easier for me to be a nice person to be around. So then, let?s just get rid of sickness, let?s get rid of the curse of theft, destruction, or poverty, and all the works of the enemy in your life so that the mustard seed of faith that you have can flourish and abound without restriction.

Building City Walls

When the Lord started teaching me the subject of curses afresh, He showed me a city. The city had a beautiful wall built all around it, just like in the day of Ezra and Nehemiah, when they built that wall for protection.

The Lord said to me, "My child, this is my shield of protection around you. The Holy Spirit encamps around you and you have a wall of protection." Then, I saw something happening as I was watching as a watchman on the wall.

I saw all these arrows coming at the wall from without. I saw javelins, arrows, and other weapons of warfare coming to smash against the walls to try to shake and break them - but they could not. The walls stood fast.

Then, I saw another picture. I saw that there was a crack in the wall and when I looked down, I saw that there was a small hole at the base of the wall of my city. I saw how easily the enemy crept under that wall to bring attack.

The Lord said to me, "That picture that I have just shown you is a picture of how curses work in your life. You are a city set upon a hill and I am there for your protection, but there is a crack in your wall."