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Your Prophetic Journey (MP3 Download)
The Heart of the Trainer (MP3 Download)
Climbing the Mountain (MP3 Download)
Following the Ark (MP3 Download)
The Davidic Mandate (MP3 Download)
Called to the Ministry (MP3 Download)
From Fear to Freedom (MP3 Download)
The Praise Project (MP3 Download)
The Red Sea Situation (MP3 Download)
Resurrection of a Vision (MP3 Download)
Guidelines to Mentorship (MP3 Download)
The Deliciousness of Life (MP3 Download)
Making Relationships Work (MP3 Download)
Knowing Gods Will (MP3 Download)
From Tabernacle to Temple (MP3 Download)
Knowing Your Place (MP3 Download)
The Prophetic Leader (MP3 Download)
At Liberty to Love (MP3 Download)
Preaching With Power (MP3 Download)
How to Take Your Land (MP3 Download)
The Law of Obedience (MP3 Download)
Ministry in Music (MP3 Download)
The Tree of Life (MP3 Download)
You are the Church  (MP3 Download)
Hope - The Power of Focus (MP3 Download)
Are We Having Fun Yet? (MP3 Download)
The Pride of Life (MP3 Download)
The Force of Judgment (MP3 Download)
Todays Prophet (MP3 Download)
The Crucified Life (MP3 Download)
Todays Evangelist (MP3 Download)
Todays Pastor (MP3 Download)
Todays Teacher (MP3 Download)
Todays Apostle (MP3 Download)
The Apostolic Movement (MP3 Download)
From Manna to Meat (MP3 Download)
Driving the Vision Forward MP3 Download
The Apostolic Function MP3 Download
Raising Up a Standard (MP3 Download)
The Nature of The Father (MP3 Download)