Prophetic Prayer - Breaking Ground, Spiritual Birthing, and Decree (Book)

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Meet the Author!

This is where authority meets experience as Colette Toach shows you how to have dynamite prayers and bulletproof decrees. This is the strength to your shield and the sharpness to your blade! Prophet, from here on out you are the Lord’s first choice when it comes to bringing heaven to earth.

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Prophetic Prayer - Breaking Ground, Spiritual Birthing, and Decree (Book)

God has given you his secrets and with it, He has given you the ultimate weapon to make these secrets known to the world... your mouth! You’re words have the power to level entire battlefields in favor of the Lord. Your prayers have authority over any circumstance and your blessing is one that is backed by the Father Himself. Now that is power!

This is where authority meets experience as Colette Toach shows you how to have dynamite prayers and bulletproof decrees. This is the strength to your shield and the sharpness to your blade! Prophet, from here on out you are the Lord’s first choice when it comes to bringing heaven to earth.

Excerpt - Breaking Ground:Preparing For the Vision

That Pesky Prayer Burden

What I am talking about here is the kind of burden that you feel from the moment you wake up in the morning and throughout the day until you go to bed at night.

It kisses you in the forehead when you go to sleep at night, only to punch you in the face the next morning when you wake up. It is lovely. Yes, the life of a prophet is lovely.

No, it is not just you who experiences this. Welcome to prophetic office. (And here we thought it would be all glory...).

When God puts this kind of burden on you to pray, He does not mess around and neither should you. God has given you the tools for this kind of prayer.

Prophetic Authority

It is fascinating when you go from functioning in prophetic ministry and then step up into the fullness of prophetic office authority. You feel the transition take place. What took you hours to pray through before, takes just a fraction of the time now because you have a greater authority.

It is not like you were not being effective before. You were being effective. It just took you a little longer because you were using this really tiny, old-style rake and a horse drawn plow.

However, in prophetic office, it is like riding high on one of those million-dollar tractors. You just go over the land a few times and it is nicely broken up. It is the same kind of work, but with the kind of authority God has given you, it should take you a fraction of the time.

Either way, you still have to break up the ground. It does not get easier to the point where you don't need to do it. Nope, the ground still needs to be broken, but you can get better at it. You cannot miss this process.

Making Bricks – Putting Jesus on the Throne of Circumstances

When I looked at this concept of breaking ground and preparing for the vision, the Lord spoke to me about Solomon.

1 Kings 6:7 And the temple, when it was being built, was built with stone finished at the quarry, so that no hammer or chisel or any iron tool was heard in the temple while it was being built.

When Solomon built the temple, they prepared all the stones and cut them to spec, in the quarry. Once the stones were ready, they transported them from the quarry to the temple, and they assembled it in the temple.

This way, no chiseling or hammering was heard in the temple. When they ran out of stones, they had to go back to the quarry and cut more.

Us prophets – we want to jump straight to assembling perfectly cut stones at the temple site.

You want to see this vision come to pass already but do you have any stones? "Lord, I do not know what is happening. I am trying to build, but it is not coming together."

It is hard to build a building without any bricks. That is why you do not see a building. So, we go back to the beginning of breaking ground, because it is here that we prepare the hearts of God’s people and prepare for the vision.

When you are praying for circumstances to come into line, you are preparing perfectly cut stones. Once the circumstances are in line, it is a simple matter of putting them on top of each other until the picture comes together.

It is a very quick process, just like the dominoes that I mentioned. You push one, and then they all fall in sequence. However, if you didn't prepare the stones first, then you will have nothing to build with later on.

The effort you are putting in now, is the amount of effort you will reap later. That is why this groundbreaking process makes up the bulk of your prayer life. This is where all the prophets, whether in prophetic ministry or office, should have a little tent erected with their name above it that says, "I live here."

Time to Cut Stone, Prophets!

The more prophets, the merrier. It does not take many to assemble and build. However, it takes a lot more to cut heavy building stone to spec. It takes a lot more prayer to soften a hard heart than it does to release the power for that heart to be ignited.

Everybody wants to skip to the exciting part. However, if you do not prepare ahead of time, you won't see the change in the Church that you have been asking God for.

The decrees that I am getting ready to share about later on, are not going to happen without the ground being broken first. The decrees will cause the building to come together and the first domino to be pushed over.

They will bring the kind of creative power that causes entire circumstances and literal bodies and limbs to shift. These decrees will cause your physical body to be healed and your finances to miraculously be changed. However, those kinds of decrees will not happen until the groundbreaking has been completed.

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