Prophetic Counter Insurgence (E-Book)

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The words "insurgent" (someone who engages in armed resistance to agovernment or to the execution of its laws - rebel), and "counter"(which means to make a statement or take an action to refute, oppose,or nullify another statement or action), These are the key phrases to COINwarfare.

In "Prophetic Warrior", we learned what tools we had at our disposal inspiritual warfare, what we are facing, and how to combat it. However,it is now time to become an expert at espionage. It is time to take thefight to the enemy, and to take all the attack satan was going to use tohurt you, and take down the kingdom of God, and to turn it all againshim!

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Prophetic Counter Insurgence

The words "insurgent" (someone who engages in armed resistance to a government or to the execution of its laws - rebel) and "counter" (to make a statement or take an action to refute, oppose, or nullify another statement or action) are the key phrases to COIN warfare.

In Prophetic Warrior, we learned what tools we have at our disposal in spiritual warfare, what we are facing, and how to combat it. However, it is now time to become an expert at espionage. It is time to take the fight to the enemy, take all the attack satan was going to use to hurt you to take down the kingdom of God, and turn it all against him!

In this book, you will be shown the secrets to COIN warfare. Learn all about the "prophetic super spy", discover strategies that can be used in spiritual warfare, receive stealth training, find the secrets to dealing with fear of the mind and where spiritual warfare begins and ends.

It is time to become an agent of Christ, capable of striking down the enemy at any time, in any place, and wherever the Lord calls for it. It is time to take the crippling blows of the enemy and turn them into deathly blows of destruction.

You are called to so much more than just "a prophet". You are called to be a "counter-insurgent", and it is time to discover what that truly means.

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Chapter 01 - Strategies in Spiritual Warfare

Change of Focus
Go to The Top
The Council of Wickedness
Apollyon - Medical System
Attack of the Mind
Victory Through Miraculous Healing
Victory Through Medical System
Pharaoh - Financial System
Stones to Bread
Victory Through the Financial Systems
Persia - Political System
Victory in Politics
Tyre - Commercial Systems: The Marketplace
Victory Over Tyre
Lucifer - Religious Systems
Attack from Pharisees
A Little Bit of Sand
Infiltration of the World
Victory Over Lucifer

Chapter 02 - The Prophetic Super Spy

Demonic Bondage
Demonic Oppression vs. Demonic Possession
Demonic Oppression
Sins of the Heart
Demonic Possession
Sins of the Flesh
Sexual Immorality
Hatred (Abusive Anger)
Drug Use (Drunkenness)
Manifestation of Oppression vs. Possession

Chapter 03 - Overcoming Oppression

Sin Hurts
No One is a Victim
The Consequences of Sin
Rule #1 - They Must Ask for Help
Rule #2 - They Must Mean Business
How to Deal With Sin
Step 1 - Take Away the License
Step 2 - Tell the Enemy to Leave
Step 3 - Follow up with Counsel

Chapter 04 - Dealing with Possession

Get Your "Prophetic Warrior" On!
Put Your Fear into Perspective
Rule #1 - Do not Permit Manifestations
Rule #2 - Do Not Argue With Demons
Rule #3 - On to Victory
What if They Do Not Want to Break Free?

Chapter 05 - Stealth Training - Ready to Extract

Do's and Don'ts for the Prophetic Spy!
#1 - Don't go around casting out demons
To Love a Demon
#2 - Do Identify the Entrance Point
#3 - Do not assume the enemy left
#4 - Do tell the enemy to leave
#5 - Do break spiritual links
#6 - Do Deal with Idols and Contaminated Objects
Crush that Golden Calf!
Trying to Reach God Through Objects
No People. I do Not Wear a Crucifix
#7 - Do not try to tell the enemy to leave in your mind
#8 - Demons Require License Through Sin
#9 - Minister When Asked
#10 - Do Not Lay Hands Suddenly
#11 - The Demon Will Still Be There Tomorrow!
Final Points to Remember

Chapter 06 - PEARS - Deception Watchlist

Satan's Counter Insurgence
Pick Up Your Shield
Essential Armor for Counter Insurgence
Why the Deception Phase is Essential
It is Dependent on Him
To Identify the Different Voices
How the Process Begins
Enter- Gehazi
God Sets You Up
Nothing Half-Hearted for the Prophet
Deception Watch List - PEARS
1. Pushed to Do Something Now (Pushiness)
2. Watch Out For Intense Emotion (Emotional)
3. Watch Out For Arrogance
4. Rebellion Against Authority (Rebellion)
5. Seek Revelation Out (Seeking)
PEARS - Review

Chapter 07 - Watch Your Tone!

Watch That Tone!
The Voice of the Enemy
1. Loud and Pushy
2. Self-Justified
3. Obtrusive
4. Questions God's Word
5. Fear, Guilt, Self-Promotion

The Voice of your Mind
1. Logical
2. Emotion Driven
3. Your Own Templates and Burdens

The Voice of God
1. Draws You to Christ
2. Faith, Hope and Love
3. Confirms and Witnesses
4. Brings Forth Fruit to Repentance
5. Confirms His Word

Deception Types
1st Category: Your Mind - Misconception
2nd Category: Mixed Voices - Contamination
3rd Category: Satan's Plan - Deception
Angel of Light
Dealing With an Angel of Light
Spirit of Divination

9 Ways to Avoid Deception
1. Don't Fleece the Lord
2. Listen Safely
3. Submit Your Revelations For Vetting
4. Do Test the Spirit
5. Do not talk to angels
6. No Revelation on Demand
7. Do Not Seek out the Sins of Others
8. Deal With Preconceived Ideas.
9. Ask for Confirmation
Apply These Steps

Chapter 08 - How Satan Gains License

The Hidden Secret
Drop the Principles
The "Love" Rack
Know Love and Compassion
The Principal Principle
Principles to Instinct
Your Final Battlefield
The Beginning and the End of Prophetic Warfare

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