Prophetic Boot Camp (Book)

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Rejection is the middle name of the prophet. Though it may be hard to endure rejection at times and it may feel that you are walking this road alone, it can also be, and has many times been, the driving force that leads you to Jesus.

The way of the prophet is one that goes through the cross, surrenders in death and rises up in resurrection power and authority...

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Prophetic Boot Camp

Rejection is the middle name of the prophet. Though it may be hard to endure rejection at times and feel like you are walking this road alone, it can also be the driving force that leads you to Jesus.

The way of the prophet is one that goes through the cross, surrenders in death, and rises up in resurrection power and authority. Deep inside, you know that you have not gone through this hard road just to come out defeated. You have paved the way for others.

For it is in the training of the prophet that he begins to realize that all of his scrapes and bruises along the way are the very thing that the people will be able to identify with.

Just as Thomas looked at Jesus' hands and feet and could see the marks to prove that He was truly Jesus, so has your journey taken you though the cross so that you might bare those marks as well and identify with Jesus in His death and more gloriously, in His resurrection!

In this book, you will see and find out about:

  • How you have already gone through a process called "preparation"
  • Making prophetic boot camp effective and quick!
  • The Holy Spirit: Your personal trainer
  • The importance of inner healing in the process
  • How to define and identify which category of prophet you are
  • The secret key to resurrecting in power
  • Passing through "Elijah Training"
  • Why "Elisha Training" gears you for prophetic office success

So, prophet of God, are you ready to sign up for boot camp? The Holy Spirit will be your sergeant, and this book will be your training manual! Together, they will shape, challenge, and inspire you. In the end, you will be equipped to stand as a prophet in office.

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Chapter 02 - The Death Process

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Chapter 03 - Die Already: Your Secret Passage Through the Cross

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Chapter 04 - Templates and Triggers in the Training Process

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Chapter 05 - How Templates are Exposed

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Chapter 06 - Ministering Inner Healing

Inner Healing is a Five Step Process
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Step 2 - Identifying the Source
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Chapter 07 - Resurrection is a Choice

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Chapter 08 - The Categories of the Prophet

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Category 2: Elisha - The Leader of Prophets
Category 3: Elijah - Appointer of Kings. Trainer of Prophets
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Chapter 09 - Prophetic Training Phase 1: Cherith

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Chapter 12 - The Training of Elisha

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Chapter 13 - Mentorship: The Double Portion

The Signs That You Are Ready
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Step Into the Clearing

Excerpt from Chapter 01: Prophetic Boot Camp

Chapter 01 - Prophetic Preparation

Galatians 1:14 "And was advancing in the Jews' religion above many of my equals in my own nation, being much more zealous for the traditions of my ancestors.

15 But when it pleased God, who set me apart from my mother's womb, and called [me] by his grace..."

Every step that you have taken in life, has brought you to the place where you stand today. Perhaps you have considered the roads that you have travelled, a random series of events. Circumstances filled with personal decisions, interruptions and rivers of events that carried you against your will.

The truth is, regardless of the roads you have traveled, this passage has followed you since the day you were conceived in your mother's womb:

Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to those that love God, to those who are the called according to [his] purpose."

Defining Prophetic Preparation

There is a reason why you have always been so different from everyone else. From the time you were born and made your first step into the world, you were likely the child that stepped amiss, and found themselves flat on their face.

You did not fail because of lack of trying. In fact, you are one that was passionate about trying! You put your heart into what came your way, but still managed to step amiss!

Today, you are going to be brought to a new realization - one that will guide you through the various valleys of your life to pinpoint how the Lord has been gearing you for something great, all your life. The scraped knees, endless tears, and misunderstandings are about to come into focus as you realize that you are not crazy. Rather, you have simply been in the throes of prophetic preparation.

Imagine if you will, a baby with a prophetic call being born into this world. A baby that is innocent and unaware that one day he would carry the mantle of the most High God. I am reminded of John the Baptist, and wonder to myself if he could feel the buzz around his birth.

From the name God gave him, to the entire circumstance surrounding his birth, there was no doubt that this child was different. Even his relatives said, "What manner of child is this... ?" He was destined to live a life that did not mirror those around him.

Instead of waxing strong in the arms of those he cared for, his days were found in the wilderness. It was here that he discovered who he was, and came to understand the purpose that was placed on his life.

In the same way, from the time you were born, your calling was announced in the spirit. In your case though, it was not just your immediate family that started to notice the difference. The enemy also heard the call, and he sought, from that day, to try and deter you from it.

It is almost ironic that the Lord used everything that the enemy threw at you to bring you to this point today! No matter how many hard times the enemy brought your way, the Lord managed to direct your path.

Key Principle

The truth is, you have been conditioned for this call from birth. It started from as far back as you can remember!


The preparation for your call started right from childhood. The prophet is one that lives in a fantasy world. I was no different. I escaped to my "alternate reality" to try to avoid the pressures that were put on me through life.

Growing up poor, rejection from my peers stung and ingrained in me a strong poverty mentality. I always felt inferior and insecure. When I did finally open my mouth to say something, I, more often than not, said the wrong thing and that just invited more rejection.

I felt very much like the ugly duckling that all the "prettier" ducks made fun of. So I did what anyone would do... I pretended. I tried to hide my poverty. I tried to be something I was not - all along wondering why God made me this way.

I struggled with Him, and wondered what I had done to be born into my family. As if the pressures could not get any worse, I was the pastor's daughter. Pressure, poverty, and a double portion of "always putting my foot in it," did not make me popular.

The Prophetic Child

So the prophetic child is one that hides into their fantasy world. I hid my nose in book after book that took me to far off places. I lay on the grass, stared into the sky, and imagined a life that was anything but the one I had.

Today, I thank the Lord for the rejection I faced back then. It positioned me! It took me by the hand and led me that much closer to the realm of the spirit. Only later, would I learn how essential thinking in pictures was for a prophet. Right there in my childhood, the Lord was beginning to shape my character.

He was forging something in me that I would need later on...

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