Prophetic Anointing (E-Book)

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Prophetic Anointing - Anointed to Worship

God has promised you a visit to the throne room! This is your summonsfrom Almighty God. It is time for you to experience Him face-to-face andheart-to-heart.

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Prophetic Anointing - Anointed to Worship

God has promised you a visit to the Throne Room! This is your summons from Almighty God. It is time for you to experience Him face-to-face and heart-to-heart.

Get ready for the meeting of a lifetime. The veils that have hindered the anointing in your life are going to be ripped away, and you are going to shine with His glory in every area of your life.

Are you ready for the power of God to be manifest in your life?! In this book, you will learn about:

  • The different types of anointing
  • How to flow in and release the anointing
  • Prophetic prayer and intercession
  • Prophetic music
  • How to enter the Throne Room of God

It is time to flow in the anointing in ways you never knew were possible. It is time to allow the Lord to remove the dross that has hidden and prevented the anointing that is already within you from surfacing.

Other E-Books in the Prophetic Field Guide Series

Part 01 - The Prophetic Anointing

Chapter 01 - The Prophetic Anointing Defined

Defining the Anointing
Tapping Into the Anointing
The Pearl of Great Value

Chapter 02 - The External Anointing

The Anointing - the Most Basic Ingredient
Understanding the External Anointing
Experiencing The External Anointing
Ministries That Operate in The External Anointing

Chapter 03 - The Internal Anointing

The Promise - The Internal Anointing
Making the Anointing Comparison

Chapter 04 - The Corporate Anointing

How the Prophet Brings Revival
When Should Revival Take Place?
Some Points on the Anointing
Come to Rest

Part 02 - Prophetic Prayer and Intercession

Introduction to Prophetic Intercession
The 5 Functions of Prayer and Intercession

Chapter 05 - Prophetic Prayer 101

Enter the Throne Room
Set Aside the Weights
Prayer vs. Intercession

Chapter 06 - Words of Power

Why Words Count
Your Activation Switch
Intercession: Saying it Right
Finding Your Words

Chapter 07 - The 1st Function of Prayer: Praise

Prophetic Praise
How to get Into His Throne Room

Chapter 08 - The 2nd Function: Petition

Mastering Petitionary Prayer
Rules of Engagement

Chapter 09 - The 3rd Function: Persistent Prayer

The Fervent Prayer
Move Past Your Plateau
Persistent Prayer - Breaking Ground
Breaking Ground

Chapter 10 - The 4th Function: Prophetic Warfare

How to Engage in Prophetic Warfare
Praying for Finances

Chapter 11 - The 5th Function: Prophetic Decree

Intercessor vs. Prophet
The Power of Prophetic Decree
Find Balance

Part 03 - Prophetic Music

Chapter 12 - The Origin of Music

Rocking With the 80's
We Are Not of This World
The Origin of Music

Chapter 13 - Finding The Right Frequency

The Power of Music
Music Opens a Door to the Spirit
Music Changes Creation

Chapter 14 - The Gentle Breeze of Jesus

The Gentle Breeze of Jesus
Touching People's Lives
The Price We Pay

Chapter 15 - Smashing Musical Mindsets

God Interferes
Understanding Musical Archetypes
Defining Musical Archetypes
Identifying Your Music Templates
Archetype Based on Country
Archetype Based on Programming
Break the Boundaries

Chapter 16 - Leading Worship Like a Prophet!

A Truth to Remember
The Internal Anointing
How to Lead People Into the Presence of the Lord
Worship is for the Church

Chapter 17 - The Prophet: Anointed to Worship

"Bringing It" to the Baptists
The Anointing Needs Focus
Worship - A Two Way Street
Time to Step Up!
How to Receive a Double Portion of the Anointing

Chapter 18 - Identifying Prophetic Maturity

God Working With Man
God's Chasing You
Signs of Prophetic Maturity
Step Over the Threshold