Presentation of Prophecy (Book)

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Bold, confident, unmoving... this is how you speak for the Lord!

If prophecy was so natural, we would all be doing it, right? The truth is, delivering prophecy is not natural. It takes having the courage to look stupid, yet having the confidence to speak when He calls you to.

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Presentation of Prophecy

Bold, confident, unmoving ... this is how you speak for the Lord!

If prophecy was so natural, we would all be doing it, right? The truth is, delivering prophecy is not natural. It takes having the courage to look stupid, yet having the confidence to speak when He calls you to.

You do not need to be a prophet to prophesy, and God will not come forcibly on you and make you do anything.

It is indeed a gift of the Spirit that can be practiced. Prophecy is a powerful ministry tool that is often neglected, because of the lack of teaching.

However, this book will rock the boat and change all of that. The cloud of wonder that has hovered over how to flow in prophecy will be unraveled in this teaching.

By the end of it, you will be amazed to discover how accessible this gift of the Holy Spirit is to you. You will know the steps 1, 2, 3 of presenting prophecy.

Yes, YOU can flow in this gift and present it in a way that it will go out with power and might and anointing!

Come Sunday, you can be proclaiming His word and speaking His will over the lives of believers!


Chapter 01 - How to Prophesy

The Truth About Prophecy
Prophecy - Step 1 and 2
Breaking Prophecy Down
Prophecy and Faith

Chapter 02 - What to Do if God Does not Speak

General vs. Personal Prophecy

Chapter 03 - How to Judge Any Revelation

INTRODUCTION - Discovering a Foreign Land...
As a Prophet You Sometimes Feel Like Being in a Foreign Land
There Are Two Ways to Judge Revelation
Three Different Voices
Stop Thinking so Much
Knowledge Does Not Equal Revelation
Stupid Clay Vessel? That's Me!
Your Control Tower
The Voice of the Enemy
The Voice of the Lord
Identifying the Three Voices

Chapter 04 - Common Mistakes of Prophecy Presentation

Enlighten Believers
Effects of Wrong Presentation
Be Sensitive to the Spirit
Revelation on Demand
Charging for Words
Prophesying Your Own Burdens
Not Word-Based

Chapter 05 - Getting Prophecy Presentation Right!

Effects of Correct Presentation
Revelation of Jesus
Opened Church's Eyes
Explosion of Word and Spirit
Psalmody, Praise and Worship
Words of Wisdom
Inner Healing
True Faith

Chapter 06 - The Image of Prophetic Ministry

Wrong Presbyteries
Correct Presbytery

Chapter 07 - Do's & Don'ts of Prophetic Presentation

Don'ts of Presenting Prophecy
Do's of Presenting Prophecy

Chapter 08 - Ministering to Others

Introduction - Learning When to Step Forward & When Back
God's Perfect Timing
Learn to Be Sensitive to the Spirit
The Revelation is not Necessarily Wrong ... It's Just the Timing
Wait for the Body of Christ to Be Ready
So? When is the Time to Get Involved?
Don't Pounce on People
What Are You Going to Do? GET INVOLVED!

Chapter 09 - Master Other Orientation

Listen to the Hints
Master the Skill
Three Steps for Ministering to Others
The Other Orientation Project
Exerpt: Chapter 04 - Commom Mistakes of Prophecy Presentation

Chapter 04 - Common Mistakes of Prophecy Presentation

2 Peter 1:19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto you do well that you take heed, as to a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns, and the day star arise in your hearts:

It was another full day of ministry and clear past midnight before I could finally fall into bed. Tip-toeing to my toddler's bedroom I made my way in the dark to kiss her cheek, pray over her and catch a glimpse of her sleeping face in the moonlight.

All pictures of cute cuddles and kisses flew out the window as I tip-toed ever so carefully, putting my full weight on a piece of Lego left precariously on the floor.

Stumbling around in the dark, I tried to find balance... only to trip over a scooter left in a place no scooter should ever be.

Bumped, bruised and holding my breath so that I did not wake my daughter with my stifled cry, I hobbled out of the room.

Had the light been on, I would have been able to steer clear of the nuclear disaster waiting for me in that bedroom.

This picture, my friends, is no different to what it feels like when you are trying to do the work of the Lord, but have no idea where you are going.

You might have all the good intentions in the world, but if you try to "fly blind" there is no doubt in my mind that you too will find yourself stumbling, fumbling and hobbling from behind that pulpit nursing a bruised ego.

Well, that is where I step in to help. Consider me the one to switch on the light and help you find your way, so that you can express all the love you have for the children of God.
In this teaching I will not be teaching you how to prophesy, because I will assume that you already know all that!

Instead I am going to take what you already have and help you to deliver it in a way that hits the mark every time.

There are some common mistakes that prophets make when it comes to delivering the word that God has given to them.

Trust me today when I say ... you do not have to be one of those prophets!

By marking off the pitfalls and sticking close to the clear path I will map out for you, you will easily navigate your way past Lego, scooters and other similar and terrifying obstacles that every prophet faces.

Enlighten Believers

The above Scripture really sums up what a prophetic word and a revelation should do to the heart of the hearer. It should be like a light in a dark dingy room, where before they were walking and they could not see anything.

They were stumbling over things in front of them. They didn't know where they were going. There was confusion, doubt and fear. A prophetic word should be like a light in that room.

When we share what the Lord places in our hearts to share for a specific time and a specific season it should be like walking into that room and just switching on the light, so that the person who hears the word receives understanding.

The doubts leave and the fear goes. They receive faith, hope and love. That is really in essence what a revelation should do to the heart of a hearer.

However, that is not always what happens a lot of the time. Particularly in the body of Christ as the prophetic move has really come in force and prophets are springing up all over the place, it hasn't come about that way.

In this book, I am going to look at some of the wrong and right ways you should be presenting God's revelation. You will also learn how a wrong presentation has brought destruction in the body of Christ, but how a correct presentation has brought life.

I will share what the wrong image looks like and what the right image looks like. And perhaps you can compare yourself. Maybe you can tick them off in your mind and you may think, "Oops, done that; messed up there!"

Effects of Wrong Presentation

I can assure you I have lived a lot of these. I have done all the don'ts. I have done all the "this is what you shouldn't do's" before I got to, "this is the right way." So I know where you are coming from.
As I work through this list and you go, "Oh, I did that. I shouldn't have done that," don't fret about it too much. It is all part of the learning curve. As long as you keep going, keep getting up and moving towards the goal, the Lord will be with you and He will continue to fill your heart.
So let's get right into the nitty-gritty of it and look at what a wrong presentation has done to the Church.

Damnation Prophets Cause Fear

Firstly, we have our hell and damnation prophets. You know the prophets I am speaking of. They say things like, "Turn back to the Lord or He will destroy your church!"
They stand up like John the Baptist with stick in hand, waving and condemning the people of God. What this has done, is brought fear into the body of Christ.

A prophet has stood up and said, "If you don't do what God tells you to do, He is going to take your business away from you. If you don't do this and sort out that sin in your life He is going to destroy you. He's going to take this away. Your child is going to die."
I have heard some scary things that have come out of the mouths of prophets.

"If you don't do what I say and what I tell you God says you must do, this is going to happen to you. That is going to happen to you!"

And so they speak curses on God's people. What it has done is opened the hearts of God's people to fear. Now perhaps you do not know it, but one of the biggest doors to a curse in your life is to open your heart to fear.

And so instead of being a gift to the body of Christ, the prophet has opened the people's hearts to fear, which has indeed brought a curse and all those negative things to take place in the body of Christ. It is totally opposite from the light. They instead brought darkness.

Ours is a God of light and life. He came to reveal the truth and set the captives free! During the birth of the prophetic move prophets were scary to behold! Even to the point where people were afraid of them. They were afraid that all their sin would be exposed in front of everyone. So instead of getting a touch from God, they hid from His hand.

Tactless - We Could Use a Little Salt!

Next, prophets can be tactless. Because we see things in black and white and there is just no in between with us. How often have you found yourself saying, "If that's the way it is, that's just the way it is, and I'm going to say it the way it is and it is for you to accept it."
That might be all fine and well, but sometimes people need to hear things with a little bit of sugar coating. People don't want to hear, "You know what? You're really ugly."

That hurts somebody's feelings. You can stand up and present a word and just say it so tactlessly that it makes people feel uncomfortable. They don't want to listen to you. They want to start backing up into a corner and get out of there. They don't want to see you staring down at them. I am the first in line with this one! I am so confrontational that I often have to remember that there is a better way to say something!

People do not like you to just say things as they are without seasoning those words with a bit of salt.

I love this passage:

Colossians 4:6 (KJV)
6 Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

This is especially true when you are dealing with this issue in exposing people's problems and hurts. When you are training people there are times you have to come to them and say, "You're doing this wrong."

However, there is a way of saying, "You really messed this up and you must stop doing this right now," and a way of saying, "I really feel that the Lord is leading you in a direction where you need to leave this behind and start now moving towards the goal."
That sounds so much nicer than, "You really messed it up. The Lord's telling you to give it up and forget about it."

There is a way of saying things, and maybe this is just people skills. I think there are a lot of prophets out there, and many that I know personally that could really use some good people skills, because they frighten people away.

Nobody wants to receive a word from you. In fact, when you start to talk they are looking for the door and they are out of there.

What you need to share might be good stuff. It may be good food, but they take one look at this and they say, "I just don't want to touch it, because I'm not prepared to face what is going to come out of that guy's mouth."

They are nervous of you. You know the kind of prophets I am talking about. That is not the way God intended it to be. I know He wants us to stand out, but He wants us to stand out to draw people to us, not to make them run for the door.

Rebel With a Cause

Next, prophets have been rebellious. This is also something that all of us have seen. They have been rebellious against authority, and we understand why. We understand that they see things that other people don't see, and they rebel against it.

Unfortunately though, because of their rebellion and the way that they have done it, it has made people doubt the prophetic ministry in a lot of churches. It has made people look at them and say, "Ooh, I don't know about him. He looks a bit shady. I can't trust him. Did you see the way he treated the pastor publicly, and the way he stands up and just does what he wants to do, and the way he reacts so openly and so overboard?"

The way you have responded makes people look and say, "I don't know, he doesn't look very stable. I don't know if I can open my heart to this person." Now what you may have had to share could have really been of God, but by the way in which you have responded to and reacted against the leadership openly in rebellion, it closes off the hearts of the rest of the church. They don't want to listen to you after that, because they are not sure of you.

They think, "Well if he's in rebellion, he must be in deception. Any word that this guy speaks must be totally out of line. I've seen the way he acts. I've seen the way he reacts against authority. He can't submit to his boss. He can't even submit to his pastor. He can't submit to anybody! I'm not going to open my heart to somebody like that."

And so they close their hearts off to what could have really been a powerful word from God. But you see, once again the presentation, the seed truth was there. The seed of what you had to share was there, but the way in which it was presented was wrong.


This next failure has been devastating to the body of Christ, is the fact that a prophet has become like a fortune-teller. A prophet no longer brings the light into a dark room. A prophet comes in and says, "You have another room, and it is filled with every good thing of gold and silver and gemstones - and that new Mercedes you've been wanting." And so the prophet has become a fortune-teller.

"The Lord tells me you must marry Peter, and that he is going to give you a house in the hills."

"The Lord tells me that you are going to have a million dollars."

"The Lord tells me that you must become a lawyer."

The prophet has become a fortune-teller, and it was never ever what God intended. God never intended for the prophet to stand up and tell people their future. It didn't work that way in the Old Testament, and it still doesn't work that way today.

Samuel didn't go up to David and say, "David, the Lord tells me you're going to get that silver-lined chariot that you have been desiring." Did you ever see that in the Scriptures? I didn't see it there. The Lord spoke blessing and He spoke confirmation, but He was never a fortune-teller to tell people their futures.

"You're going to have three kids ... two girls and a boy."

Unfortunately that is what it has come to in the body of Christ today, and it has destroyed the true work of the prophet, because people have been hurt. People have been disappointed. I cannot tell you how many times I have had people write to me and say, "This prophet prophesied that the Lord has given me a new house, and it never came to pass."

"A prophet prophesied to me that the Lord was going to give me a new car and that I was going to write a book, that I was going to be famous, and it never happened, so God must have lied. God doesn't want to give it to me, therefore I turn my back on God."