Faith - A Financial Impartation

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Faith - A Financial Impartation (MP3 Download)

Where money is temporary faith is eternal. Which one are you relying on?

When you're staring down the barrel of lack and you can't find a single dollar bill in any of your pockets it's important to remember one thing... God has already given you a promise for your finances. So if you have a promise from God and it hasn't come to pass yet, then more than likely... your faith isn't working!

We all develop faith from the time we are born and we cry out for the loving embrace of our mother and the meal that comes along with it. From there we learn to develop faith in those around us such as our friends and family. However, when we are born again we start making the transition to having faith in ourselves and others to having faith in the Lord. We shed off the old faith mentality and put on the new that leads us to trust in the Lord instead of our works.

Take hold of this fiery prophet's hand as she shows you the proper example of what it means to have faith in the Lord as a Christian. Shed off this old faith mentality that stops the hand of the Lord from moving in your life and receive this impartation for your finances. 

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