Everything is Awesome When You are Part of the Team (Book)

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No more "God's man for the hour"!

We are entering into a new Church era, and with this new era comes new rules and playbooks. One of these new rules is... You cannot go at it alone.

Ladies and gentlemen, God has a new plan and a new idea for us - He is creating teams. He is raising up teams that can take down the enemy, teams that can stand with one another, and teams that will follow through with all that He has asked of them.

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Everything is Awesome When You are Part of the Team (Book)

We are entering into a new Church era, and with this new era comes new rules and playbooks. One of these new rules is... You cannot go at it alone.

Ladies and gentlemen, God has a new plan and a new idea for us - He is creating teams. He is raising up teams that can take down the enemy, teams that can stand with one another, and teams that will follow through with all that He has asked of them.

The time of "God's man for the hour" is over, and it has now become "God's team for the hour". But, here is the thing. He does not want just any team - He wants a team of leaders. A team that will get in there and get the job done, a team that will help lead His people out of Egypt.

Now, how does this pertain to you exactly? Well, that is what this book is here for - to help you find your team and to train you into being a part of that team.

With eight bonus team building projects, new principles, eye-opening teaching, and Apostle Colette's no-nonsense attitude, you will discover your part in this new era.

This book is all about:

  • Finding your uniqueness in the team
  • How to be both a leader and follower in the team
  • How to create a good team
  • The principles to go further in your ministry than ever before

This is not child's play. This is team building. In order to do that, well, you have got to learn what kind of team member you are called to be. So, come along, and together, let us discover this whole new world the Lord is creating, and let us help Him bring it to pass.


Chapter 01 - The Christmas Party

The Creation Order

Chapter 02 - God is a Team Player

What a Team Consists Of
The Leader
Responsibility of Being in a Team

Chapter 03 - The Secret to Team Success

The Secret Ingredient for Success
For Leaders
Finding Your Place

Chapter 04 - The Wrong Concept

The Wrong Team Concept
How to Not Build a Team
Mistake #1 Finding People to Preach At
Mistake #2 Finding Your Team in Another Team
Mistake #3 No Clear Leadership Structure

Chapter 05 - The Awesome Team Concept

Step #1 Start With Those Closest to You
Step #2 Look for Passion
Step #3 Balance Spiritual and Natural
Step #4 Wave Your Flag High
Step #5 Do Not Just Accept Anyone
Step #6 The Secret to Completing the Vision

Chapter 06 - Building Your Team

Together is an Awesome Place to Be
Setting Up a Team
The Ultimate Principle: Love

Chapter 07 - How to Join a Team

1. Come With Something to Offer
2. Put Yourself in a Position of Submission
3. The Power of Submission
4. Learn "the Law"
5. Learn to Share Your Glory
6. Develop Lateral Relationships
7. Be Open to Learn New Things
8. Burn Your Escape Route

Chapter 08 - The Truth About Independence

The Price of Independence
The Picture of True Freedom

Chapter 09 - The Law of Freedom

Finding Your "Awesomeness"

Chapter 10 - Finding Individuality in the Team

What Sets You Apart?
Obeying the Law of Freedom
What the Spirit of Independence Looks Like
The "You are Awesome!" Project

Chapter 11 - The Secret to Authority

What Makes Authority Awesome
Authority in the Workplace
Authority in the Church
Spirit of Control Begins Here

Chapter 12 - The Spirit of Jezebel and Saul

The Spirit of Saul
The "Not so Awesome" Leader

Chapter 13 - Authority - Get Hooked Up!

Standing Under Authority

Bonus Chapter - Team Building Projects

Project 1: The Communication 101 Project
Project 2: The Other-Orientation Project
Project 3: Getting Involved Project
Project 4: The Love Feast Project
Project 5: Leadership Definition Project
Project 6: Leadership Appreciation Project
Project 7: The Pressure Handling Project
Project 8: The Confession Session

Excerpt - Chapter 10: Finding Your Individuality in the Team

Have you ever seen someone put a picture on the wall? It is amazing how few can put it up straight! You think, "That is not fair. That is all I do here. I hang up pictures and put out the chairs." Yes, but no one can put them out as straight as you can.

Perhaps that does not seem like fun, but it sure makes you unique. So, when this job needs to be done, there is only one name that is on everyone’s lips. Yours! You are unique!

It might not be exciting at first, but you are unique. Glory in that uniqueness! Start with what you can identify, and be proud of it because it is an ability God has given to you. Boast in what God has given to you, and you will find a rest in it.

What Sets You Apart?

You will discover a new confidence in yourself. And, because you are in a team, you will experience the blessing of God on your life. Then, other doors will be able to open, and people will identify other things you flourish in.

Before you know it, your uniqueness will grow. Each time it does, you will contribute more to the team. Then, as each person contributes more, the higher you will rise up together.

That is what makes an awesome team - where each person has a different ability. If all of us could preach, who would sing? If all of us sang, who would write? Each one has a place. It brings together the full picture.

If you are a good team, you develop your abilities so much that you can start swapping around a bit. You can then each take turns in different positions. You can only do that though if you find your own uniqueness, and develop that first.

I consider when my Mom, Daphne, started out as the transcriber for all of our original messages. Anyone else would have thought that it was so unfair. Here the "hotshots" get to stand up behind the pulpit and get all the glory when all she did was transcribe and edit.

However, without her uniqueness, you would not be holding some of the materials such as The Way of Dreams and Visions today! It was her uniqueness that helped form the very foundation of who we are now.

Today, these very books are traveling all over the world, and I am preaching more now than I ever could. That voice is being heard in places I could not go. She could have said, "It is not fair! I want to be up front! I want to be seen!" Had she done that, I would not be in the position I stand in today! You see, it is our books that everyone found that opened doors for us.

So often you think, "It is not fair. Why do I have to sit in the back?" Do the job that you have been given well! Now Daphne did not remain in the back. A time came when God raised her up in so many other abilities. In turn, she became the spiritual mother of her own ministry, and she too, found herself out front.

So yes, the time came when she preached and wrote her own books, becoming a spiritual mother to many. She did not stay in the background, but she was diligent to remain on her own rails, to give it all she had, and to keep going!

The next thing you know, she opened her eyes, and God had raised her up. God is gracious and faithful. When you find your place, He will lift you up - otherwise, the Word is a lie.

Obeying the Law of Freedom

It says that if we obey the law of freedom, then we have blessing. So, if we find our place and operate within the team, we can expect blessing and for God to do something. The problem is that most of the time you are so busy running around trying to do it alone and trying to raise yourself up that you do not give God the chance to raise you up!

He says, "Well, you seem to be doing a good job on your own. You do not need me! However, if ever you fall into the mud and come to the end of yourself, realizing that you cannot be independent... I am here for you."

God will put you in your team and set you on track. Then He will raise you up in His power, and only then will you truly rise up. You will rise up in confidence, feeling settled.

Others want to be around people like that. Do you really want to be around someone who has something to prove? No, you feel uncomfortable around someone like that. You wonder what they are trying to get at all of the time.

Instead, you want to be around someone who knows who they are, regardless of their position. You want to be around someone who is at peace and putting their heart into what they have been given.

In a team, a person like this is invaluable! To be dependable and reliable is essential for anyone in a team. It is not good enough to do a job well if you only do it when you feel like it.

As a leader, whom do you think I will call to do a job? Will I ask someone that is really good and does it when they feel like it? Or will I ask someone who is not as talented, but I know they will do the job? Who is God going to use?

Someone that is reliable! You see you don't have to be skilled... you just need to be dependable.

When you come to rest about the place God has given to you, you become dependable. You become an asset to God and your team. We all know what it is like when someone lets you down.

Everyone wants to know that when you say you will do something that you will do it. They need to know that you will not go off to do your own thing and forget about them. They will never ask you for help again.

Then, you get frustrated because you do not have a place. It is because you are not reliable. They might love you, but they will ask someone that they know will get the job done.

What the Spirit of Independence Looks Like

When you are comfortable in the place that you have, you are reliable. You do not have to be the most talented; you just have to be at rest in yourself, and stop trying to push past everyone to be the best.

The spirit of independence pushes so many people out of the way so that you look good, but all you are doing is pushing through with a spirit of strife and vainglory.

Philippians 2:3 [Let] nothing [be done] through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each consider others better than themselves.

This spirit does not care what hurt it inflicts on others. This is not freedom. When you turn around during the times when you are in the mud, your team is still on the track. You are alone. You get frustrated because it feels like everyone deserted you.

No, they are still on the track. Where are you? You are meant to be on the train with them! No one kicked you off! You took a right turn. It is time to get back on the track so that you can start moving forward.

Only then can the team work together and accomplish great things. Teamwork cannot work in a spirit of independence. If you want to succeed in life and enhance your uniqueness, then you need to find it within a team.

Within a team, you will find success and uniqueness. You will accomplish such great things that you will break the record for the fastest train! When you are on those tracks, everything is possible.

This means letting go of "my" way and starting to take one another into consideration. It means taking God into consideration. When you step out in a spirit of independence, you push God out of the picture too. Then you get bitter because you are in the mud.

He did not go anywhere though. He is still on the train. You need to get back on track again, and you will discover your freedom. When you do things your own way, you disobey the Word.

Then there is chaos. You wonder why no one understands you. You think that everyone is against you. Instead of getting back on track, you sit and have a pity party. "Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me."

My little daughter had one of these. She said, "My sisters are mean to me. They said that they do not want to play with me anymore."

I said to her, "Ruby, I know you! They were not just mean to you, there was a reason for it. So, what did you do to your sisters first?"

"Well, I did this one little thing, where I maybe tore up her artwork, and I may have snatched something from her hand and... "

Then, she cannot understand why her sisters do not want to play with her. I had to break the news to her, "You cannot blame your sisters! I would not want to play with you if you did that to me either."

Take Responsibility

How many of us are like this? We want to feel sorry for ourselves. But, if we really had to look in the mirror, we can see that we are quite responsible! Again, I encourage you to take responsibility for the way your life is right now.

Is there chaos in your life? Are there curses in your life, and do you feel alone and left out?

You can do something about it! You can get back on track and back into the team! You can start communicating again just like I shared before. Just by communicating, you will immediately get back on track.

Communicate with your leader and with your team, and share your heart. Listen to those around you, and do not be afraid to receive correction.

The "You are Awesome!" Project

Very often, we do not see the uniqueness in ourselves. It takes someone else to notice it. You have been living with yourself for quite a while now, and you do not realize what you are capable of.

Very often, you need someone else to point it out to you. If you have a great spouse like I do, it is pretty easy. We should be doing that for one another as a team. We should be pointing out the things that we are unique in to one another. So, here is a little project for you.

1. I want you to find at least 5 people and to tell them what makes them awesome!
Pick out what makes them specifically unique to the team.
What is it about them that makes them stand out?
When you think of that person, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

2. Encourage one another.
It is really easy to see one another's mistakes. Hey, I could go on for a couple of chapters if I wanted to point out everyone's mistakes! Let us rather encourage one another, discover our uniqueness, and learn to depend on one another.

Then, let us learn to become dependable. Then, in this structure, God can bless and open the doors. He can do what we cannot do.

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