Dreams and Visions Student Kit

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Includes Bonus Way of Dreams and Visions E-book

There ARE secrets in your dreams. The Lord is trying to speak to you and as a prophet, these messages are clearer and more frequent. Going way beyond just simple dream interpretation, Apostle Colette Toach teaches you how to minister using dream interpretation.

You will go beyond just understanding your own dreams and she will divulge everything she has learned in how to interpret for others. Imagine that you are sitting down in a relaxed way, while she shares with you everything you are likely to face and how to deal with it, when it comes to this subject.

It will be as a close mentor and friend giving you everything you need.

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Dreams and Visions Student Kit + Bonus E-book

There are secrets in your dreams. The Lord is trying to speak to you, and as a prophet,
these messages are clearer and more frequent. Going way beyond just simple dream interpretation, Apostle Colette Toach teaches you how to minister using dream interpretation by the spirit.

You will go beyond just understanding your own dreams, as Apostle Colette divulges everything she has learned in how to interpret for others. Imagine that you are sitting relaxed in your lounge, while she shares with you everything you are likely to face, and how to deal with it when it comes to dream interpretation.

With this kit's tangible and digital materials, you will gain a new understanding of not only your dreams, but of the Lord himself.


Once you have gone through the journey of dream interpretation by the spirit, you can now take others down the same road. You can train and teach them how to interpret dreams by the spirit.

Over 17 Hours of Audio + 496 Pages of Reading

The following materials will either be delivered to your Inbox and shipping address accordingly or will be provided as a download. 

With an extensive selection of in-depth training, this kit delivers:

The Way of Dreams and Visions Bonus E-book:

Decode Your Dreams Today!
This book is the key that will open the door to the realm of the spirit to you. Whether you have just come to know the Lord or have been saved for many years, you will find a treasure map in each page of this book. Revealing the things that God is telling you RIGHT NOW!

In the 23 chapters of this book, you will
understand the secrets in your dreams, and come to a place of confidence in the future that God has set for you - a peace in knowing that He is in control of your life.

You can download this E-book to your:

1. Your Kindle
2. Your computer, laptop or notebook
3. Your iPhone, iPod, or iPad (Using the Ebooks App)
4. Your windows based phone or handheld device.
5. Or any other device that supports ".pdf "files

The Dreams and Visions MP3s 

Way of Dreams and Visions Lectures MP3
Included are the audio MP3s (taken from the videos in the Prophetic Training School) for all the lectures preached on this subject by Apostle Colette Toach. We understand that not all students can watch online, so this resource is perfect for you. Put the MP3's on your iPod and do your lessons on your way to work or during your lunch break!

The Dreams and Visions Manual

What you will Find in this Manual:

1. Study Aids and Teachings
Here Apostle Colette will tell you all the secrets and the realities of your call that you will not find anywhere else. They will be the "short cuts" that will help you move onto prophetic office, without the devastating experiences of failure time and again.

2. Practical Projects
Each practical project makes you LIVE the lessons. They are also fantastic to use in group sessions. If you are in charge of a group of intercessors or mentoring others, this will give you plenty of material to use.

3. Required Report Submission
"This is for Students with A.M.I. only" These are questions that you need to complete and submit to your trainer or lecturer. They are taken directly from the lectures given by Apostle Colette Toach in the schoolroom classes.

Use these as part of your live training, or submit them to your personal lecturer or trainer at AMI for marking. (For registered students on AMI Prophetic School and AMI Training College only)

4. Multiple Choice Projects
Do you want to challenge yourself, and see if you know what you have learned? Then answer these projects!

These questions will test your knowledge, see what you have learned and if you remembered the important points that you were taught.

Dreams and Visions Course Lessons

Lesson 1: Dream Categories and The Prophet

Identify what category your dreams fall into. This alone will bring the interpretation to life for you.

Lesson 2: Getting Prophetic Dreams Straight

You will delve right away into the interpretation and understanding of prophetic dreams. Not only that, but you will learn how to increase these dreams by 'stirring up the gifts' in some practical projects that will revolutionize your spiritual life.

Lesson 3: Practical Application of Revelation and Interpretation

So what! You had a prophetic dream. What now? Some practical instruction what to do with the dreams and interpretations that the Lord gives you. We have had students whose entire ministry was launched at this point of the course. You will be amazed how this one understanding opens doors for your ministry.

Lesson 4: Learning to Flow In The Spiritual Gifts

Journaling, Urim and Thummim are just a few of the subjects you will cover in this lesson. Included is a convectional checklist of items that will always stand in the way of flowing in the gifts of the spirit. Will you be discover some of these points present in your own life? If so, then you just found what is hindering you.

Lesson 5: The Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation

From here onwards you will switch from interpreting your own dreams and onto ministering to others, starting with understanding how to have wisdom.

Lesson 6: Using Visions in Personal Ministry

Apostle Colette gets very candid as she teaches you how to use visions to minister to people in one on one ministry. These practical tips will give you everything you need to minister to anyone that comes to you.

Lesson 7: Using Visions in Public Ministry

The application of visions is very different in public ministry versus personal ministry. Apostle Colette will take you under her wing as she shares what to do and how to get up and share the revelation that God gives you. Included is not only scriptural teaching, but some also "in your face" natural helps and hints on how to get your message across perfectly.

Lesson 8: Identifying Deception

No one likes to face the shock of deception. Armed with the Prophetic Deception checklist and some frank explanation, you will never have to be afraid of deception again. Not only that, but through this you will learn how to identify it in others.

Lesson 9: Dealing With Deception Effectively

To deal with deception in someone, you do not confront the poor soul without any warning. You will learn the best way to confront and deal with deception in a way that will not get you kicked out of the door ...

Lesson 10: Interpreting Symbols in Dreams

This is a key point in interpreting prophetically. Included is a 'keeper' Symbol Interpretation Checklist. Keep it on you at all times and you will never go wrong.

Lesson 11: Interpreting Symbols in Visions

Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap by thinking that the symbols in dreams and visions do not share the same interpretations. Included in this lesson is a surprising look at inner healing and how using visions you can minister inner healing in a powerful way.

Lesson 12: Interpreting For Others Effectively

Here Apostle Colette Toach holds nothing back. Honest and to the point, she will give you everything you need to minister with wisdom. Learn from her own experiences in ministry and avoid those inevitable mistakes.

Included are some practical examples for you to try out, to see exactly how well you have learned throughout the course.

Lesson 13: The Gift of Discerning of Spirits

A fun look at this incredible spiritual gift. Without this gift, you do not have a ministry in dream interpretation. It is the first step in wisdom and in all ministry. This lesson brings everything you have learned to a highlight as you look forward to going onto your next course.

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