Called to the Ministry (E-book)

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Called to the Ministry

Inside of you God has put a purpose for your existence. There is a driving force within to accomplish something much greater than yourself and fulfill the call of God on your life.

However... how do you know what that calling is?

Apostle Colette Toach takes you by the hand and helps you to realize the call of God that has been whispering to you all along.

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Called to the Ministry

God has put a purpose for your existence inside you. There is a driving force within you to accomplish something much greater than yourself and to fulfill the call of God on your life.

However... how do you know what that calling is?

Apostle Colette Toach takes you by the hand and helps you to realize the call of God that has been whispering to you all along.

It is the conviction of your calling that will fuel the fire to push through when times get rough. By teaching you how to KNOW His will for you and to hear clearly from Him, you will receive the conviction that will push you through the fire time and time again.

Learn how to experience His presence, and you will no longer feel lost or insecure about the choices you make. When you know how to get a rhema word from God, nothing can stop you from moving forward.

Then, as you realize your calling, map out the training that is sure to come. Each fivefold ministry training is geared to shape you into a certain kind of vessel. Apostle Colette goes the extra mile and explains in detail which one(s) you will go through and what it will produce in you.

By the end of this book, you will know too much. So much so that you will be held accountable for fulfilling your call. There will be no more excuses as to why you cannot succeed. Apostle Colette releases an anointing in this book that will challenge, convict, motivate, and launch you into your calling!



1. What is Your Calling?
2. Knowing God's Will
3. Knowing God's Will Through the Spirit - the Water
4. Confirmation Through Circumstances - the Bricks
5. Experiencing God's Presence
6. Using the Word and Tongues (Bulldozing)
7. How You Feel the Anointing
8. Knowing Your Place in the Body
9. Remaining Body Ministries
10. Your Call to the Fivefold Ministry
11. Fivefold Ministry Training
12. Charting Your Course
13. The Prize of the Call
14. Your Final Destination

Excerpt: Called to the Ministry

Excerpt from: Chapter 10 - Your Call to the Fivefold Ministry

When we started our first prophetic school, we did not think we needed to set any rules. It was a bit obvious to me that if I have courses listed in order of 1, 2, 3 and 4, then logic dictated that you started with course 1 and then went down the list.

I just did not think that was very complicated, but do you know that everybody wanted to go straight to course 8?

"I do not need this basic stuff. I am ready. I am there. I have been through it all. I am ready for the office of prophet. Send me Lord!"

I was thinking, "You do not even know the basics of prophetic ministry yet. You do not know the basics of the body ministries or what it truly is to serve yet. You just want to be in office!"

"Lord, send me out there. I am your humble servant. I am so humble before you and willing to pay the price to stand before millions and preach in your name."

Yeah... that sounds very humble.


There is a progression in your calling. You have your lighthouse out there and you know what you are supposed to do now. However, in order to fulfill that call you need to become a different kind of person.

If you were already the person that the Lord wanted you to be, then you would already be fulfilling that call. We think that the call has got to come and rearrange itself around us.

No. It does not work that way, and that is why the Lord calls us clay on the potter's wheel. That is why again and again, the Scripture speaks of us being vessels of honor and dishonor.

The call that God requires you to do is going to take a very particular kind of person. The reality is that you are not that person yet. That is why you cannot just ask the Lord to send you to stand before millions. That is why you cannot jump ahead.

It is not about your ability here. I do not doubt that you can flow in the gifts of the Spirit, that you can preach, or that you have gifts that God has given to you. However, are you the kind of person you need to be to accomplish that call?

That is why the Lord starts taking us through a progression to walk out our call one step at a time. This is to form you into the kind of person you need to be in order to fulfill the call effectively.

The minute you are born again, the Lord thrusts you into the body ministries first. When you truly go through the body ministries, you cannot help but be changed. There is something about working with people that puts challenges and pressures on you like nothing else in this world.

Everyone is so amazed when they look at someone in full-time ministry. They just see all the good parts and cannot wait until they get their chance to move into full-time ministry as well.


We invited a young lady to join us at our ministry center in San Diego. She was invited to be a part of our team and experience full-time ministry. We said to her, "Okay, you can start by answering the phones and pouring out online." She thought, "Wow, I cannot wait."

She went to answer her first call. She picked up the phone and went through the greeting with a huge smile of excitement on her face. The person on the other end said, "Prophetic word please."

"Excuse me?"

Again, "Prophetic word please."

She couldn't understand what was going on.

Welcome to real ministry. Not ready to give up yet, the next day she picked up the phone. The person on the other end wanted an answer to a question.

She tried to explain to them how we do things and instead of receiving the answer, they blew up at her instead. They said with frustration, "You are paid to answer my questions. Now, you give me the answer I want."

I reassured her again - welcome to ministry!

Facing people like that in even simple things puts pressure on you. She thought she would just jump in and use her natural strengths, but God showed her that her natural strengths were not good enough.

Sure, we can start out with the things that God has given us. We can get our feet going in the right direction. However, it is not enough. We need to become more.

As you, in faith, start stepping out, serving and doing all the body ministries, you are going to start coming into confrontation with this wonderful body of Christ. I think Christians are harder to work with than unbelievers sometimes.

In the world, if you are in business, you have to obey your boss. However, in the Church, it is not like that. People can choose. We have a choice of whom we will follow in the body of Christ.