At Liberty to Love (MP3 Download)

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Love holds the power of life!

There is a God given need in each one of us to love and be loved. Unfortunately as life comes with its hard knocks it becomes difficult to feel the love you so desperately need...

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The Secret to Experiencing Love

As you follow along with Apostle Colette Toach in this powerful teaching, you will discover the secret to living life to the fullest! Every believer has the potential to experience love, passion, and joy. Unfortunately, life's hard knocks and hurts cause you to put up walls that separate you and others.

Even wors,e those walls separate you from experiencing the love of the Lord. If you hunger to experience Jesus face to face and know real love, then it is time to let those walls go and enter into life-changing intimacy with the Lord.

A fully comprehensive teaching, this MP3 runs over an hour and covers the following topics:

-The Need for Love
-How We Build Walls
-How to Use Anger Against Your Problems
-Melting the Stony Heart
-Spiritual Imprisonment
-Solutions Using Confession
-The Power of Inner Healing
-5 Steps to Experiencing the Power of Love!

Combine this teaching with "Face-to-Face with Jesus" and experience life as God intended you to!