With a focus on training and equipping every believer to fulfill their fivefold ministry calling, the divisions and a description of our covering are listed below.

Prophetic School


Prophets Michael and Deborah-Anne Velthuysen lead our Prophetic School as the principals, making sure each student is perfectly matched with a trainer and progresses steadily through their training.

Registrations are vetted and then invited for an interview to confirm their prophetic call and readiness for training before being accepted. Courses are online and perfect for distance study. Those in the San Diego region have the option for face to face meetings with their trainer.

Our extensive two-year curriculum allows for the varied study duration. Those who are more advanced in their calling are able to complete their training in 9 months. Completion involves graduation and ordination. Many pastors send us the prophets in their church for training and equipping so that they can fulfill their correct function.

Our students enjoy the one on one with their trainer on phone and in live meetings (if they are close to San Diego). Students graduate to either start their own ministries or become successful under the ministry of an apostle.

Pastor-Teacher School


Apostles Nathan and Chaifa Berry are the principals of our Pastor-Teacher School. Our student base is comprised of prophetic school alumni, pastors, ministry leaders and those called to the apostolic office. With an emphasis on hands-on training and ministry preparedness, lessons are practical and designed to be applied as you lead your ministry.

This is not a typical Bible college.

This is a training mechanism to grow your ministry and train you for your fivefold ministry office. As such, registrants are vetted through an application and interview process. Because of the direct contact, each student has with their trainer, students are selected on spiritual maturity, ministry call, and spirit-trained leadership skills.

Fivefold Ministry Campus


Pastors Austin and Jessica Toach take the lead in our Fivefold Ministry Campus, setting the structure for individualized training. Geared for leaders who need to fill in the gaps of their training and who are unable to commit to a set training structure such as the Prophetic Pastor-Teacher her Schools - this is a perfect option. Subjects consist of all courses in both the Prophetic and Pastor-Teacher School as well as additional apostolic, pastoral, and teaching independent studies.

No personal mentor is allocated, but registrants (called Associates) receive from a range of fivefold ministers during their training. The application is a lot simpler as vetting and an interview is not required. All registrations are automatically processed and given access. Associates choose their interaction.

If they desire more direction, Pastors Austin and Jessica are there to jump in and give guidance, however, if they prefer self-study without needing personal attention, they have that option.



Dalton Beckering is bookshop manager and ready to assist our customers with the materials they need most to fulfill their call. With a variety of materials on the fivefold ministry, we try as best as we can to provide teachings through a variety of media including, books, ebooks, workbooks, CDs, DVDs, MP3s and MP4s.

The majority of materials are authored by Apostle Colette Toach and while all her books are also available through vendors such as Amazon.com, the bookshop focuses on compiling workshops, kits, and resources that best assist you in your ministry, call and daily Christian walk.

Now, before you sign us off as “another bookshop”, it is a good time to mention that personal interaction with our customers is top of our priority list. We do not sell you a book, we assist you in your call. Customers are known by name and soon become longstanding friends and associates. Our customers enjoy how real we are, receiving weekly ministry and personal follow up

Apostolic Movement International South Africa


Apostles Philip and Anja Sager lead AMISA which includes their own bookshop, training schools, and ministry center. With an emphasis on live training, live Prophetic and Pastor-Teacher classes are held weekly. Training is based on our online curriculum and students have the added benefit of weekly live interaction with their trainers and fellow students.

In addition to the training, offices are open daily for ministry walk-ins. While we have an online bookshop, most of the locals prefer walking into the brick and mortar bookshop store to browse books, or speak to a minister before making their purchase. The fellowship is encouraged and students enjoy the frequent personal interaction and input they receive. Set up a meeting or pay them a visit and find out why this fledgling ministry’s growth had us renting an additional classroom and increase the resident team size.

Global Ministry Resources


This non-profit division, led by Apostles Nathan and Chaifa Berry and Pastors Austin and Jessica Toach is the partner ministry that invests into ministers in the field.

With an emphasis on the fivefold ministry, the vision of GMR is in supporting international ministries with finances, ministry resources, prayer, impartation, and fellowship.

Our partners enjoy personal and ministry visits to our ministry center and the family environment that they become a part of. They also enjoy the ability to give to specific trainers and ministers that have blessed them while still having the option of the tax deduction.

Toach Ministry International


Toach Ministries International was founded by Apostles Craig and Colette Toach and is the oversight of Apostolic Movement International and its various divisions. The core of their ministry is to equip leaders to combine the dynamics of their ministry, marriage, family, and business - creating a formula for success and power.

The enemy has destroyed ministries through broken marriages and personal conflicts that are never worked through. Together, Craig and Colette Toach invest their lives and years of ministry experience to impart to pastors and apostles who need apostolic covering and spiritual parenting, thus equipping them for the mandate on their lives.