Equipping You to Train!

My wife Rebekah and I serve the Lord by providing fivefold ministry training materials to the leaders of the church for the edification of the saints. Our goal is to connect, build relationships, and give counsel on the best resources and materials for your group study.
While we share the same mandate and vision we go about it in very different ways! When you call in, you can expect my wife to answer the phone with a cheerful hello and a “it’s nice to meet ya” charm. She doubles as a pastor and loves to chat about family, gift ideas, and any other topic that will make you best friends in about 10 seconds flat. She is also happy to give you updates on the new releases in our bookshop as well as help you place an order.

Now if you want to get a curriculum for group study, speak about the direction the Lord is taking you, and talk to a prophet who takes himself way too seriously but will cover you with a shield of prayer... then you will want to speak with me :). Working with the author of many of our books and teachings - Apostle Colette Toach. I am more than familiar with the realities of ministry for the church leader and I am happy to help you by supporting you with prayer, practical resources for training, and sharing what the Lord reveals to me in the spirit.
Together we stand as co-bookshop managers under the covering of our Apostles Craig and Colette Toach. Our goal is to give you everything you need to bring those whom the Lord has placed under you to a place of maturity. Because although you have all of the anointing, experience, and drive... sometimes taking all of that and passing it on to others can be a bit of a challenge!
With these materials, you are guaranteed to gain an understanding on the mentorship process of the fivefold ministry and make disciples of the nations.
We would love to speak with you, call in, and connect with us today!

Love and Blessings,
Dalton & Rebekah Beckering
Prophet & Pastor Co-Bookshop Managers
Apostolic Movement International

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