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I wish I could say that this was a place for everyone unfortunately, that isn’t true. This is a place where leaders get trained up to do more, become more capable, and reach farther than they thought possible. This is where churches get the resources and teaching they need to raise up the body of Christ to maturity and to walk out their callings in power! So no this bookshop isn’t for everyone, this bookshop is for you leaders out there praying and driving the vision forward to change and build up the church.
My name is Prophet Dalton Beckering and I am the Bookshop manager of AMI. Working with Apostles and leaders on a daily basis let me be the first to get your back and say I GET YOU! I don’t just want to give you a fluffy word, I want to supply you with the resources you need to do the work God has given you. I want to connect you with trainers, leaders, and ministers who are going lead you and your flock in the right direction instead of just giving you an encouraging word.
You have been on this path for a while… you fought hard, you gave up everything, and you chose God first! Now let’s get you a road map that will help you avoid those pitfalls and help you pass the test this time around. It is our mandate to help you fulfill yours and that of your sheep. That being said I want to be the first to stand with a shield at your back covering you in prayer and being the prophet who helps you build up your house!
I am your friendly neighborhood Prophet and Bookshop manager so call in and speak with me on my personal line and we can talk about what The Lord is doing in your life and what steps we need to take together. I want to pour into you and your ministry so sign up to my mailing lists and be the first to know of any special promotions as well as receiving weekly letters full of decree and prophetic prayer. Sign up to be an affiliate and get incredible discounts for the materials your church needs to grow.
I expect to hear from you soon. In fact, here is my number 858 800 2224.
Love and Blessings,
Dalton Beckering
Prophet and Bookshop Manager
Apostolic Movement International

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If you need suggestions, help with your church bookshop, or simply would like to touch base with us, please do not hesitate to use the link above to write in or to call us using the number to the right. We pride ourselves on "live" interaction with our customers. You will not get an automated message when you call in!

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